Auxiliary cooling and power system

The Auxiliary Cooling and Power System (ACPS) is designed to provide cooling for crew comfort and electronic packages in addition to auxiliary power, it is a rugged, self- contained system ready for todays’ modern fighting vehicles.

The ACPS consists of three major components, the Auxiliary Cooling and Power Unit (ACPU), the Air Handling Unit (AHU), and a Control Module.

The ACPU is located on the exterior of the vehicle. On the M1 Abrams, the ACPU is mounted on the turret bustle rack. The unit contains a refrigerant based liquid cooling system and 28 VDC power generation system driven by a heavy- fuel based engine. The engine may be powered by several different fuels including diesel, JP-4, JP-8, and Jet-A. The cooling system provides the AHU with cold fluid and may be used to cool electronic chassis boxes. The 28 VDC generating system is self-regulating and can be accessed via standard NATO slave plug on the interface panel on the front of the unit.

The AHU consist of a 28 VDC electrically driven fan and liquid-to-air heat exchanger. The AHU is base on the AHU used on the Thermal Management System (TMS™) for M1A2 SEP Abrams Main Battle Tank. The AHU provides conditioned air to crew as well as electronics inside the vehicle.

The ACPS takes advantage of MDSI’s extensive experience in analyzing, designing, and production of environmental control products for modern warfighting vehicles. Components selected for the ACPS are battle tested. The ACPS prototype is currently configured for the M1 tank. The ACPS may be reconfigured to meet the requirements of other fighting vehicles as well.